• Concept & Program Development, Full Service Production, Event Staffing, Food & Beverage Management, Plants & Decor Styling

  • Evolution Media, a growthstage investment company and full-service advisory firm, launched an annual conference for the CEOs of their investment businesses and industry elites.

  • Private Residence, Hollywood Hills, CA



  • 125 Attendees

  • Pre-Conference Dinner, Post Conference Dinner Party & U2 Concert After Party, Transportation & Accomodations

  • Conference Day consisted of Coffee Lounge & Breakfast Bar, Outdoor Pop Up Cafe, Main Conference Room



Corporate Conference

  • The goal with this project to completely reimagine the traditional conference experience. We took attendees out of their day to day and created a level of comfort that allowed guests and speakers alike the space to connect and engage. By taking an approach that centered on the environment design and less on brand name or integration, the focus was placed on creating the space for important thoughtful conversations. Each year since 2017, we’ve been able to build on the foundational pieces and create an event that, year over year, is recognized as an attendee favorite. Through the event, Evolution Media is able to provide a live touchpoint for their CEOs to check in annually, look forward to, and receive guidance from top industry professionals. Speakers have included Bono, Jared Leto, Steve Nash, Kate Hudson, Ashton Kutcher, Michael Rapino and more.